The latest headlines are often used by many tourists
benchmarks to help decide which airline to choose.
Recent accidents, accidents, mechanical problems, labor
disputes, delays, financial difficulties and so on, very hot
food for the media. Nobody planning a trip wants to leave
approaching airlines that even have few hints
this kind of problem. Opportunity makers will tell you that
a recent accident created opportunities from the same airline
have another accident anytime in the near future a
the best remote possibility. Opportunity makers will also notify
You that a labor dispute between baggage handlers is possible
make the possibility of your bag missing greater than
usually. But we don’t want to play a chance;
we want to work with facts.

There are four main things that concern us passengers
about when to fly: Our safety, our comfort, our wealth
(baggage), and our time. That gives us four questions to answer
before ordering flights on certain airlines. (Web link
after each question is your site you can check info.)

Let’s face it. no matter how we count numbers, there are
There is no guarantee that your flight will not be late, that is
Your luggage will not be lost or crushed like potato skins.
Facts and figures that you display on the web can be used as
general guidelines, but they cannot provide you with hard and
quick reply. You can easily become a little crazy trying to juggle everything
these statistics. However, perfection is hard to come by –
especially in the aviation business! Information you play
on the web can increase your chances of having an easier one
and more comfortable flights, but absolutely nothing
guarantee. So whatever numbers can be displayed on the article,
The real choice of which airline you choose may come down
for one question: how much is the ticket for me?