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Freedom of Choice OB/GYN

Over 37 Years Of Safe, Private Women’s Health Services In Rochester, NY

The highest compliment our practice has received is when a patient refers their friends or family. Freedom of Choice thanks you for your trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this practice different from an abortion clinic?
We are a private practice and not a clinic. In a clinic setting, all too often, you experience the exposure to other patients seeking an abortion and possibly meeting with several different personnel. Here at Freedom of Choice we have a private waiting area for all patients. Because of our separate waiting room, the likelihood of encountering other patients is rare.

We provide prompt, private and individualized care to all women who prefer this type of care to be provided in a non-clinic setting.

How long will my visit be?
At your first visit, you should be prepared to be at our facility for approximately 45 minutes. The length of your visit depends upon the questions you have or what procedure you choose. The first visit includes paper work, a urine sample, an ultrasound, a discussion and, on rare occasions, lab work. We are always sensitive to your time constraints, and we will be as efficient as possible.

At your follow-up visit, you can plan to be at our facility for a shorter period of time depending on what questions you may have and what contraception method you choose.

Will the procedure be done the same day?
Ideally, it is our goal to meet your needs the same day. However, it will depend on your gestational dating and what procedure you choose.

When can I begin my birth control?
At the conclusion of your follow-up visit, you will be instructed when to begin your birth control.

When can I resume sexual activity?
It is very easy to become pregnant again after either procedure. It is important to be using an effective contraceptive method which we will provide at your follow-up exam.

Can my partner/support person be in the room with me during my exam/procedure?
With the patient’s permission and approval of the provider, partners/support person are encouraged to be with you during any part of your visit.

Do I have to tell my primary care provider/ob gyn doctor?
It is always best to be honest with your primary care provider/obgyn. However, if you feel uncomfortable in discussing your choices or your provider may not be pro-choice, it will be at your discretion to discuss your procedure with your healthcare provider.

How long will I bleed for?
On an average, a patient may bleed from 9-16 days from the onset of bleeding and sometimes right into their next cycle. Remember, everyone is different. However, at your follow-up appointment the method of contraception you choose may decrease your length of bleeding.

Is this confidential?
Yes! We have HIPAA forms available both for your medical chart and insurance to assist in your privacy. NO INFORMATION IS SHARED WITH ANYONE WITHOUT YOUR WRITTEN PERMISSION. Please refer to the Confidentiality Page for further information about how we maintain your privacy.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?
Many insurance companies cover an elective abortion. We participate with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Choice, Blue Choice Option, MVP/Preferred Care, MVPOption/Preferred Care Option (formerly known as Preferred Care and Preferred Care Option-name changed occurred in Spring, 2009), Aetna, Cigna, Family Health Plus, United Healthcare, Empire BXBSH and others. Please feel free to ask; call us at 585-241-8935.

Will my parents/partner find out?
Freedom of Choice staff will not speak to anyone without your written permission. We will alert you should anyone attempt to invade your privacy. Please refer to the Confidentiality Page for further information about how we maintain your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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