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Our sedation routine consists of two parts. An hour before the procedure patients are given Valium (a strong anti-anxiety and relaxant medication) by mouth. Before the procedure, Dilaudid is administered by injection. nurseDilaudid is a potent narcotic pain medication. Women will find these medications reduce their anxiety as well as the pain of the procedure. This is not general anesthesia. Women are not asleep for the procedure. They will be sedated but awake and responsive. However, their judgment and motor skills will be impaired. After the procedure, they must remain under observation.

Women receiving sedation must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will remain in our office until the patient is ready to be discharged. The patient cannot drive or operate machinery for one day after receiving sedation medications. They should not take the bus or walk home. They should be driven home, where they should rest for several hours before resuming regular activities.

Risks of sedation are slight in the dosage and manner that we employ. One could be allergic to the medications. Respiratory depression should not occur at these dosages. There could be minimal bruising at the site of injection.

Sedation may require an additional charge.

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Exhale offers a free, After-Abortion Talkline
that provides emotional support, resources
and information to women who have had
abortions and to their partners, friends,
allies and family members. All calls are completely confidential and counselors are non-judgmental.

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