10 Tips for Hassle-Free Business Travel

If you are a road warrior, these travel tips will help reduce stress
your trip

1. Choose Modality of Your Trip Wisely
Plane, train or car: what are the options? While air
a trip is definitely the only way to go for a long trip, a shorter trip
a few hundred miles might be faster via train, bus, or car.
When making a decision, consider the time spent traveling to and
from the airport, plus time spent waiting in line for check-in, security and
departure. Also consider the effects of bad weather on
your travel choices. It’s no fun hearing the announcement that you are
The aircraft cannot land because of poor visibility and you will return to your plane
Airport of departure.

2. Consider Alternative Airports
If you fly, consider alternative airports that are outside the city
You will visit. As a rule, these airports have fewer flights, fewer
overbooking and fewer delays than their larger counterparts.

3. Get an International Driver’s License
If traveling outside your own country, an international driver
the license will be easier to recognize than the one you issued locally
driver’s license. Costs are not expensive and in most areas, fees
licenses are easily obtained by showing the local driver’s license.
Ask at the local Automotive Association.

4. Get Your Map Before Leaving the House
Travel is not too stressful if you know how to travel. Before
leave home, get a map of your destination city. One approach is
to visit websites like City Search (http://www.citysearch.com/)
and print maps. Place your printed map in a plastic folder
protection of the elements. Try reading the temporary road map
standing in the corner of a rainy road has obvious weaknesses.

5. Bring Electronic Documents Instead of Hard Copy
Instead of carrying a heavy pile of brochures or sales letters, take it
electronic documents on a diskette and print them locally
printing service. Similarly, if you work at a booth in trade
show, it’s a good idea to bring electronic documents if you run
out of the pile that you send from the office.

6. Find Hotels That Serve Business Travelers
Hotels that cater to business travelers will have Internet capability
and offers access to business machines such as fax and
fotocopy machine.

7. Remember the Adapter and Converter
If you travel to a foreign country, remember that you might
need a special voltage adapter for electricity. You might also need to
Plug adapter to accommodate power outlets and telephones
jack. A good travel shop will be able to help you decide what

8. Use a Calling Card
When you stay in a hotel, telephone bills can be the main
cost. The cost of calling your family, checking your voicemail
and checking your email is best handled using telephone calls
company card or credit card.

9. Check your Cellular Services
Cellular phone companies regularly offer new tariffs. Check to be sure
You get the best deals – some now include long distance
charging a monthly fee. If your business trip will take you there
remote small cities, your digital phone might not work. You
will need analog / dual digital / anlog phones for such travel.

10. Protect Yourself Against Theft
Before leaving home, make a copy of your travel documents
(passport, airplane ticket, travel insurance, credit card and travel plans).

Take a copy with you and leave the copy with your contact at home. Take
Special precautions for your electronics. See what your local trip is
The shop offers in terms of protective goods. You can buy
laptop cases that disguise the fact that they are used for laptops, or
laptop case that looks old and worn. And of course, Find Articles, you have
know how fast and understand pickpockets. Avoid carrying
important documents in your wallet or hip pocket.